Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Outdoor Activity Reflection

At first outdoor activity, we went to Busan Art Museum exhibiting the 'Monet to Warhol'. It was a special exhibition, so we were really excited about it. However, we were a little dissatisfied because there were just one Monet and one Warhol. Second, we went to Igidae and the restaurant which was near the Igidae. I had not been there for long time, the road around the hill was good to take a walk. The sea view was cool and wonderful. Besides, the weather was warm not cold.
U.N Cemetery was good as well. I had not been there since I was in kindergarten so, I could notice It has changed a lot. It was calm and peaceful but I was sorry about the soldiers who dead in Korean war. Actually, they was too young to die.
2011.11.30 | 지도 크게 보기 ©  NHN Corp.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The most horrible experience in my life

Last weekend, I had a long holiday because last Monday was ‘Foundation Day’. I had the plan to go to Hae-In Sa in Hap-chon, Kuyng-nam with my boy friend. Because he lives in Seoul now, he takes KTX  for about 3 hours  whenever he comes to Busan. I thought he was tired and appreciated all the train trips he had taken,  so I decided to drive to Hae-In Sa by myself. Actually, I have driven for six months but it was first time to drive on a highway. It make me so nervous but also excited. My boy friend told me ‘If you feel bad, you could let me drive. So, you don’t have to drive totally.’ He looked more nervous than me. 

I began to get on Nam-hae highway. There were too many cars to drive fast. Until then it was good because I didn’t need to drive fast. As soon as the road became clear I got in trouble. I had known that I should drive 100~120km/h in highway also, it is the average but most cars were going almost 140km/h. It was really fast and I started to be scared.  Besides, the car behind me honked his horn and flashed his lights on and off. I began to sweat a lot. Many cars passed me but before long, I adapted to the speed and I didn’t even think the speed is really fast. 
However, It was not the end.  I should  drive on three highway including Nam-hae, 88 and Jung-bu highway. To get off  the highway and to get on it were so difficult for me but I had to do that three times. Many people had said that driving on highway is easier than doing in the city but it was not true.  When I arrived at my home, I was almost  frazzled. It was the most horrible experience in my life but I’ll do better next time. I’ll make a plan to go on a trip by my car soon.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Monday, September 26, 2011


1. I’m a big fan of the baseball team,‘Lotte Giants’,  so I  bought this T-shirt this summer. I put it on  whenever I go to the stadium to watch the games.  I particularly chose the pink one because I love pink.

2. This photo was taken at ‘the 731 Street’ , Beijing this summer. There were originally so many  weapons factories, but they changed to art galleries. Many art works were unique. This big blue rabbit is taller than me and has scary red eyes. He looks like he is jumping down from the wall just now.

3. This is a tea box my friend gave me as a present. She visited  France last summer vacation. I like to drink some kinds of tea, especially black tea.  I feel that the red color and printed flowers are oriental, but I heard the company originated in Russia.

4. 3 months ago, I was eager  to have the latest cellular phone. I actually bought ‘Galaxy 2’ this summer after careful consideration. I took the picture because I wanted to show it to my friends. It is very useful for me that  I can use the Internet anywhere.  

5. This is Bulguksa in kyung-Ju which was the capital of Silla. I had not been there since I was a teenager, so It was impressive. I felt quiet and peaceful. A students group was there to study the history of Silla with their mentor teacher. I noticed they had some handouts printed with the information about Bulguksa and the teacher was explaining about it. I think it’s one of  the fads in learning history to go to see the relic with students’ own eyes.